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Camp Testimonials

Our son had 4 sports camps this summer - USCD was his favorite - 2nd place was not even close.
— Dad, Chicago
My son said USCD was the best [camp] he has ever attended and has improved his game since returning. Thanks again for putting on an outstanding camp.
— Mom, Orinda, CA
Out of all the rugby camps I have been to, this specific one has offered the most personal instruction. All the coaches were approachable, friendly, and welcoming. They treasured our time as much as we treasured theirs.

I absolutely loved it! I haven’t played such competitive, fun rugby in any other camp. My teammates from camp are still my friends today, and we still keep in touch. Every drill is well planned and extremely productive. I utilized most, if not all, the skills and techniques I have learned from camp during my regular season. And as a result, there is a noticeable discrepancy between me and other players in my league. Top-tier coaching pays off.
— Senior, Shanghai
The willingness of everyone to learn and improve as a collective unit was something I’ll never forget, and probably the biggest difference from life here in England. From a participant’s point of view, the sole focus was on constant improvement, and that this view was reflected by all the coaches too was awesome.

On top of that, I couldn’t imagine a more inspiring or ideal setting as Dartmouth. Everything from the food to the hospitality of the students to the pitches themselves was staggering. It’s a real eye-opener and motivator for everyone at the camp.
— -Senior, London
The rugby camp was awesome. It was a great learning experience, and the coaching was phenomenal. I am a rising junior, so I still have a couple of years before college. I am interested in majoring in biology or biomedical engineering, I definitely want to play rugby in college. Thanks again for a great camp.
— Junior, Gonzaga HS
As a dad I feel very fortunate to have my son here with all of these fine teachers. Thank you for giving him a chance to celebrate his love of rugby, and to learn more skills, meet friends, under your leadership and mentorship...look forward to coming back next year!
— Dad, Philippines
The experience that the coaches brought was awesome. Just being around all of the talent there made me perform at my highest ability. It definitely sealed the deal on my decision to play in college. The scheduling was well thought out and there was just enough free time.
— Senior, Burlington, VT
Jack loved the camp and said ‘it was the best camp I’ve been to’. He said he learned a lot and really enjoyed meeting the coaches.
— Mom, Boston, MA
Just wanted to let you know that there has been substantial positive feedback about the camp at Dartmouth this year. The boys found it valuable and like the coaches and the parents have had positive things to say. Bringing in a variety of coaches from various universities was a big plus, with our son already able to visit a few this summer. Thank you...
— Mom, Hong Kong
I really enjoyed the intensity of the camp, it pushed even the more experienced players in terms of skills and physicality. The camp definitely helped me make decisions for college and helped me make connections with coaches. The rugby it’s self was fantastic, there was a great range of talent and every day had a new skill we worked on.
— -Senior, Hong Kong

Coaching Testimonials, Director, Alex Magleby: 

brings a deep understanding of the game and an ability to squeeze the most out of his players all within a fun environment. I highly rate Coach Magleby.
— Hayden Smith, Saracens, US Eagles, New York Jets, All-American
has the uncommon ability to break the game down to teach its simplest fundamental skills while creating players that are tactical experts, who are able to communicate a game plan and lead a team while performing the basics at full speed.
— Derek Fish, 2012 Collegiate Rugby Champion & Leading Points Scorer
has been a friend, teammate, captain, coach and mentor to me. He has a great rugby mind and has a lot to offer to American Rugby players.

Mags gets the best out of his players. His ability to have a good balance on and off the field makes for a great environment where the players enjoy working hard for him and their fellow teammates.
— Todd Clever, Eagles Captain, Professional Player, International 15s and 7s, All-American
ability to read the game and devise a game plan will make you and your teammates better immediately. Having played for Mags for four years, I can say unequivocally that I always walked onto the field completely prepared to play. Through his intensive on-field training sessions, his insightful film sessions and informal conversations, Mags equipped me with a wealth of tools such that I had everything I needed to help the team succeed on game day.
— Nick Downer, CRC co-MVP, Honorable Mention All-American, All-Ivy
brings a thoughtful approach to coaching grounded in tactical understanding and skill fundamentals, providing rugby athletes with a strong environment to improve and develop.
— Blaine Scully, Leicester Tigers, US Eagles, All-American, National Champion
is deeply committed to the individual development of each player. This approach creates championship teams that consistently execute the fundamentals correctly and at pace en route to outperforming the opposition.
— Paul Jarvis, All-American, All-Ivy, 2x Collegiate Rugby Champion, Dartmouth Captain
attention to detail and focus on fundamentals helped me to understand how core skill development underlies every aspect of player improvement.
— Madison Hughes, US Eagles 7s Captain, All-American, CRC MVP, Dartmouth Captain
instills his players with a depth of tactical awareness that will allows them to adapt to the situation at hand more quickly and more effectively than their competitors. You will never find a team more tenacious and dogged in their pursuit of fundamental excellence than one with Mags at the helm.
— Nate Brakeley, Cambridge Varsity Blue, All-American, All-Ivy, 2x Collegiate Rugby Champion
took me from a complete novice to MVP of a national championship team. Prior to coming to Dartmouth, I had never touched a rugby ball let alone seen a single minute of rugby. The success I was able to experience on the rugby field is directly attributable to coach Mags’ coaching. His insight, communication skills and knowledge of the game of are truly unparalleled.
— Chris Downer, CRC co-MVP, Honorable Mention All-American, All-Ivy