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38 University Rugby Teams to Benefit from Strong 2014 Camp Cohort

April 21, 2015—Hanover, NH: The inaugural class of US Collegiate Development graduates have received their first round of college acceptance letters, with student-athletes accepted to 38 distinguished colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.

Student-athletes seeking to connect with college coaches from across the country attended the first-ever US Collegiate Development camp at Dartmouth College from June 23-26, 2014. There, USCD campers received world-class instruction on the rugby pitch by coaches from America’s top academic and rugby universities, while attending evening workshops preparing them for the college admissions process and what to expect after being accepted.

“I'll always be so blown away by the week I spent at the US Collegiate Development camp,” said Will Wilson, Wellington College No. 8, USCD camp stand-out, and recent admit to Oxford. “The willingness of everyone to learn and improve as a collective unit was something I'll never forget, and probably the biggest difference from life here in England. From a participant's point of view, the sole focus was on constant improvement, and that this view was reflected by all the coaches too was awesome. 

“On top of that, I couldn't imagine a more inspiring or ideal setting as Dartmouth. Everything from the food to the hospitality of the students to the pitches themselves was staggering. It's a real eye-opener and motivator for everyone at the camp.” 

Academically outstanding USCD graduates were admitted to eight of the U.S. News & World Report’s 25 top-ranked American universities, of which four - Harvard, Yale, Stanford & the University of Chicago - were ranked within the top 5 nationally. Overseas universities were also represented, with USCD graduates accepted to Oxford, Trinity College Dublin and the University of Victoria (British Columbia).

American universities with top rugby programs also looked favorably upon USCD graduates, who were accepted to five national championship-winning schools with ten collective national titles between them. Brigham Young (Varsity Cup), St. Mary’s (D1-A) and Central Florida (D1-AA) all won 15s national titles in 2014, while both Dartmouth and Arkansas State have previously captured back-to-back 7s titles (at the Collegiate Rugby Championship and Collegiate 7s National Championship, respectively).

US Collegiate Development hosts the 2015 Boys Showcase Camp June 28-July 1 at Dartmouth College. Top-up skill clinics will be available before and after the Showcase Camp. Coaches from top academic and rugby US universities will be present, as well as staff from the High School, Junior, and Collegiate All-American teams. 

Registration details and additional information on the Boys Showcase camp can be found at the USCD website. For press-related inquiries, please contact USCD Communications Manager Bing Guan.

US Collegiate Development Graduates' 2015 University Acceptances
Amherst | Arkansas State | Boston College | Boston University | BYU | Central Florida | Clemson | Dartmouth | Dayton | Emory | Fordham | George Washington | Georgetown | Harvard | Indiana | Iona | James Madison | Kutztown | Lehigh | Marquette | Middlebury | Notre Dame | NYU | Oregon | Oxford | Santa Clara | St. Bonaventure | St. Mary's | Stanford | Syracuse | Trinity College Dublin | Tuskegee | UMass Amherst | University of Victoria (BC) | University of Chicago | United States Military Academy | Xavier | Yale

About US Collegiate Development
Launched in 2014, US Collegiate Development LLC aims to develop productive relationships between athletes and their potential future coaches. USCD's programs evolved in response to a need for a more effective environment to assess, develop, and connect student-athletes with collegiate coaches. The USCD coaching staff's priority is to educate these student-athletes on US rugby opportunities at both the university and national age-grade levels.