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Partnership with Ruggers Edge to Promote Academic Excellence for Young Rugby Players

Alexander Magleby

US Collegiate Development Announces Partnership with Ruggers Edge
Partnership to Promote Academic Excellence for Young Rugby Players

April 1, 2014—Hanover, NH: US Collegiate Development Camps and The Ruggers Edge academic advisory group today announced their partnership to enable young rugby players to continue their education while playing top-level collegiate rugby. Their first joint camp will be held at Dartmouth College from Monday, June 23 to Thursday, June 26, 2014, and is available for boys age 14 to 19 of all ability levels who are committed to continually learning the game of rugby. Of greatest importance, each camper will have an opportunity to work with top collegiate coaches and meet one-on-one with The Ruggers Edge staff to help determine the right university for them and their family.

This camp is designed as an overnight experience: during the day, players will have many opportunities to learn new as well as enhance already-acquired rugby skills from many of the best academic and rugby university coaches in the Unites States, as well as staff from the High School and Collegiate All-American teams. Campers will be organized based on year in the high-school-to-university pathway: those with two+ years of high school left, those with one year of high school left, and those going into or who just completed one year of college. During the evenings, campers will spend time in academic presentations by The Ruggers Edge, covering topics such as Overall Rugby Search and Academic Skills, Time Management, Organization Skills, Social Media Do’s and Don’ts, Note Taking, Find Your Learning Style, How to Talk to Coaches/Admissions Counselors, as well as Beginning College Search Factors, including assessment of current transcript, target college search, application essay tips, mock interviews and feedback on drafts of college applications.

According to Alex Magleby, longtime Dartmouth mentor and former US national sevens coach, “US Collegiate Development’s partnership with Ruggers Edge will enable campers to understand the college admission application process, as well as the differences between programs, coaching and education at each academic institution. Understanding how the application process works is difficult without the right help. Together we hope to help students and their future coaches connect in a more honest and productive way.” 

Karen Fong Donoghue, owner and founder of The Ruggers Edge, adds that this new partnership “is an extremely exciting collaboration. Over the last few years of working with rugby student athletes, it has become apparent that many of the most talented athletes in the nation often  lack the knowledge and planning needed to continue to be successful as both a college student and athlete. I look forward to working alongside many of the best coaches in the nation at this upcoming camp and teaching these bright and talented student athletes how they can achieve their goals on the pitch and beyond.”

US Collegiate Development Camps is a premier identification and development camp linking high school student-athletes with top rugby and academic university coaches. They promote a learning environment built on fundamentals, tactical and strategic understanding as well as leadership through action and clarity, all formed on a high work-rate foundation. Camps include rugby skill assessment, rugby instruction in core rugby skill and decision-making areas, feedback and plan creation to improve skill assessment post-camp, as well as seminars on nutrition, sports science and recovery.

The Rugger’s Edge works with the best colleges in the country to prepare material to help families find the perfect fit for their child. They understand the current landscape of USA collegiate rugby and provide honest and trustworthy advice. The Ruggers Edge’s intimate knowledge of how athletic recruiting applies to college admission enables them to work hard to understand the child’s goals, the family’s needs and then offer sound advice to meet all those aspects. The Rugger’s Edge has been active in the USA Rugby community for over 15 years and its reputation as sincere and knowledgeable advisors is second to none.

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